HSPG Publications:

  • The HSPG Vision and Principles document was produced by HSPG members in conjunction with Heathrow Airport Limited in 2015, following the publication of the Airports Commission Report, which effectively supported the north-west runway at Heathrow Airport. It sets out key objectives for future airport expansion ahead of Heathrow developing a DCO scheme.
  • The HSPG Accord and Outcomes Statement is the joint working agreement between HSPG members. It was originally produced in October 2017, but has been subsequently amended, due to increased membership. The outcomes statement, initially produced in 2015 and subsequently amended, sets out key outcomes that HSPG are seeking in Heathrow's DCO scheme.
  • HSPG Masterplan Principles - October 2018

Response to Heathrow's Airport Expansion Consultation (AEC)