On these pages we provide summaries of the larger events organised by the Partnership, notably our series of mini-summits.

Information on individual working groups is provided on the relevant tab accessed from the resources page.

HSPG Mini-summit 27 January 2022

HSPG 2022 Strategy and Planning Session 2 December 2021

On 2 December we held a strategy and planning day for 2022. Chairs and vice chairs of the HSPG working groups joined the secretariat and representatives from Heathrow to review the emerging challenges for next year and agree an outline set of priorities. A key area of agreement was around the need to develop a statement of common ground on sustainable growth for the sub-region, building on some of the ideas put forward by the airport in their Heathrow 2.0 refresh and applying those across the wider geography. It was also agreed to take a ‘rowing/steering/cheering’ approach to the emerging priorities – dividing available resource across each depending on the amount of 'heavy lifting' required by the partnership.

Presentations from that day, and feedback from the workshop session, are available here:

Heathrow Local Recovery Forum 1 December 2021

HSPG presented on the 'Green Recovery' at this session, including recommendations for two new actions around developing a 'local offsets market' and undertaking a local area energy plan.

Carbon Insetting Workshop 22 November 2021 in association with City Science Consultants

HSPG Mini-Summit 14 September 2021

Presentations from speakers on Decarbonising the airport and the sub-region.

HSPG Mini-Summit 18 May 2021

HSPG Forward Planning event 21 January 2021

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