Spatial Planning

Joint Spatial Planning Framework (JSPF):

The HSPG have produced a Joint Spatial Planning Framework (JSPF) for the sustainable development of the sub-region, to address the implications of both ‘baseline growth’ and the additional growth demand forecast to result from the expansion of Heathrow Airport over the next 30years. This responds to Government policy and the proposals of Heathrow Airport Limited, to construct a new Northwest Runway to open before 2030. The draft SoCG explains how and why the members of the HSPG collaborate to produce this joint planning framework and propose to engage with key stakeholders to refine the document in coming months.

However, the JSPF was finalised immediately before a legal challenge to the Airports National Policy Statement (27 February 2020) and the rapidly unfolding impacts of the COVID-19 crisis. HSPG have decided to publish the finalised documents as they stand and ‘to draw a line’ under this phase of the JSPF work, and then commence a new phase of work when the circumstances and way forward becomes clearer. This may require some significant changes to the content of the existing documents to respond to new forecasts, evidence, national policies and priorities. It is therefore important to read the documents in this light. The documents should be read alongside the HSPG Position Statement.

JSPF Documents:

Joint Evidence Base and Infrastructure Study (JEBIS) Documents:

Key Documents: